Can Anyone Learn To Speak Spanish With This Book?

Can Anyone Learn To Speak Spanish With This Book?


AGEN RATUDOMINO88’s book “Entretien en populaire” (In the United States of Populations) is the very reason I picked up a Spanish vocabulary book a few years ago. In fact, my parents bought this one for me because I’d started to learn Spanish while in school. Still, I was confused at first by how easy and how fast it was to pick up the new words and phrases. There are some problems that we’ll look at in this review that might give you a bit of trouble finding the right word or phrase to translate.

First of all, there are some differences between the language of the Spanish and English. The Romance languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and Dutch have a word for “year” that almost sounds exactly like the English word “month.” Also, in most Romance languages, the suffix” -ino” (for “one”) comes before the noun. These differences can be especially troublesome if you’re not conversational Spanish speaker. In the case of AGEN RATUDOMINO88‘s book, in order to translate the specific phrases, he has you write down the noun, the number of the month, and the number of the year.

The book also requires that you put the plural of the noun first before the article. This means that if you put “a lot of people” instead of “Los pasos personales” (literally, “The people of one month”), you will probably misspell the phrase. Luckily, there is an accompanying glossary that provides several examples of these mistakes.

Another very important part of learning Spanish is knowing the numbers. With the wrong number of digits, you might be converting to Roman numerals (the letters I through Z). It would be difficult to say “one hundred and twenty-eight”two hundred and sixty-seven” without showing a number. The numbers need to be spelled out, and AGEN RATUDOMINO88 tells you that it’s okay to use other numbers on the front of the page, such as “thirty-four” (the number on the left side of the page).

The last part of AGEN RATUDOMINO88’s book deals with accented and non-accented letters. For example, we can say the letters I, O, U, and Y in the Spanish way and we can also write the letter I in the English way. He has you write down the accents and you should find that they are much easier to type. They are almost always pronounced the same.

As I mentioned above, the small things like the spelling and the accent are not the only problems with the book. In fact, it has a couple of serious problems that can be a real problem if you want to learn to speak Spanish quickly.

First of all, the author does not mention the person’s name at all in the beginning of the book. Instead, you are simply given a translation for the phrase. This means that if you know the name of the person you’re translating to and want to translate to his or her native language, you’ll have to find a place in the book to translate the name.

Second, the book is not really designed for any class level. It’s designed for beginners to intermediate and advanced Spanish speakers. Many people who come to me and ask if this book is useful and helpful, I tell them that they shouldn’t buy it. However, if you’re a beginner and have a good grasp of basic Spanish, you’ll have no trouble learning the topics presented in this book.