Kids and Kayaks Sport for kids club


The goal of this program is to get kids, (under the age of 18) into kayaking. We plan to make kayaking available to as many kids as we can by getting them lessons, gear and the ability to pursue the sport of kayaking. We are working on all aspects of kayaking to make it available to kids.

How easy is it to learn to kayak?

Your kids can learn to kayak from the Boulder Outdoor Center. The BOC will teach safety, technique and respect for kayaking/water. Once your child has taken a lake class, they can then paddle on lakes. Boulder Reservoir is a great place for kids/youths to paddle. There are numerous lakes and ponds that are fun to paddle on. After a youth has become proficient at paddling on a lake, they may graduate to river running. We suggest that you have your child take a river clinic with BOC if they plan on paddling rivers. The river Clinic that BOC offers is an awesome class that is two days of paddling in Glenwood Canyon on the Colorado River or the youths 5 day paddling camp. Either of these clinics will get your child off to a great start in kayaking. The more instruction your child gets, the better. There are other options for learning the skills for kayaking on the river, please see our paddling options on this website.

Local River Paddling Options can be like taking your child to soccer.
We are very fortunate that we have 3 kayak play parks, a slalom course, and some natural paddling areas around the Boulder area. The play parks and slalom courses are park and play spots. This means that you as a parent can drive your child to a river and let them play in the river right in front of you. Just like soccer, these areas are about 100 yards long and have plenty of paddling for your child to do. A couple of hours of paddling in these areas are a great deal of fun and challenging for your child. There are often other boaters around at these play parks lending possible tips/instruction and safety

How safe is kayaking?

Kayaking is an extremely safe sport when done correctly. We at the Boulder Outdoor Center are dedicated to paddling and doing it as safely as possible. Paddling is a great sport for all ages, especially youths. It will teach them respect for the river and provide exposure to adult paddlers in a fun environment where everyone is equal. It is a great sport to help your child develop into an awesome adult. With proper instruction and adherence to proper safety in kayaking, kayaking is safer than driving around town and much better for your child’s development. Kayaking and drugs do not mix. Kayaking will help your child develop their self-esteem, self-confidence and make them feel special. There are many tremendous advantages to kids and kayaks.

Do parents need to paddle?

You have options. The BOC teaches adults to paddle all the time. They have multiple classes going on at the same time so that kids and parents have the option of being in the same class or in seperate classes. Parents may also rent kayaks or inflatable kayaks that are extremely easy to use. Parents may need these boats to help them keep up with their child’s skill progression. It is fine if you are a parent that is not going to paddle. We will be developing groups of kids and parents that will be paddling together. You will meet and hopefully get to know other parents that paddle and other adults that will help your child in their paddling. While you are getting to know other paddlers, you and your child can go to the local play parks where you can watch your child kayak in one location.

How expensive is kayaking?

The BOC is working on making kayaking available to anyone that has the desire to learn the sport.
Please call the BOC if you still have questions. They are more than willing to help you and your child get into paddling. They can be reached at: 303-444-8420.

Schools and clubs:
Boulder Outdoor Center
Dawson School Programs
Front Range Paddling Association
Kayak Club

New for 2010 Kids Paddling:

At this time we do not have a champion for our kids program. We will keep you posted when this changes. The Boulder Outdoor Center does have specific youth kayaking adventures/instruction.
Please contact the BOC if you are interested in helping or joining this group. It would be most helpful if you sign in here on our web site. This will help create an email list of people interested in this program. The idea is to get kids together at Boulder Reservoir and at the playparks around the front range for paddling.

Prerequisite: For Boulder Reservoir, the BOC lake clinic or equivalent and for river running, the BOC two day river clinic or equivalent and a successful roll on a lake.

Contact us at:
Email: [email protected] or
call Boulder Outdoor Center